Discover the most profitable rate for your rooms. For free. Turn competitor intelligence into winning pricing strategies

Track your competitors rates

Avoid hours of manual searching and comparison of local competitor rates. With Ratemetrics, you will have the very latest competitive pricing at your fingertips. Instantly identify how your rates compare and what your best rate is.

Predict localized demand

Our localized demand predictor helps you identify fluctuations in demand before they happen, making it easy to choose the best rate, and plan your staffing and resources.

Find out what guests think of your competitors

Easily see what guests think about your competitors, and how you compare. Key metrics include cleanliness, service and location. Discover the most profitable rate for your rooms. For free. Turn competitor intelligence into winning pricing strategies


The free version of Ratemetrics will remain totally free to use for ever. You will be able to access a 30 day-out forecast for your property for as long as you need. To access metrics for 90, and 365 days out simply upgrade your account.

The simplest way to monitor competitor rates

Save hours of time manually comparing local competitor room rates by using Ratemetrics.

Quick & easy room rate benchmarking

Monitoring competitor room rates or rate shopping is essential for hotel owners, hotel managers, and revenue managers. Historically, this process has been time-consuming or expensive, so we created Ratemetrics.

Ratemetrics makes rate shopping simple, cost-effective and fast. We give you the tools to effectively benchmark your hotel room and paid accommodation rates and make the most profitable rate decisions.

The intelligence behind better revenue strategies

So many hotel and accommodation owners, hotel managers, and revenue managers choose Ratemetrics because it makes optimizing their revenue strategy easy. We put the intelligence to increase RevPAR and Revenue Generation Index (RGI) at your fingertips.

Find out how guests are rating your competitors

Benchmark competitor reviews against your own and identify competitive advantages

Insider knowledge on your competitor's reputation

By understanding your competitors' offerings and reputations, you can enhance your products and services. It will enable you to become more competitive in key areas and develop strategies and campaigns that showcase your strengths compared to the local market.

Leverage the areas you excel in

Use Ratemetrics to see where you're outperforming the competition and turn it into a competitive advantage. Include it in your promotional campaigns, highlighting your strengths to attract more guests.

Identify future fluctuations in local room demand

Access daily localized demand predictions that will accurately and cost-effectively guide your operation

Turn localized event demand insights into profitable strategies

Our advanced machine learning technology identifies the critical factors influencing demand to produce a localized demand prediction for your business. We analyze key factors such as events, audience type, dates, location and your facilities to create accurate future demand predictions.

Optimize your planning

Events place increased demands on hoteliers and accommodation providers. By understanding when events are taking place and their scale, hotel managers and paid accommodation providers can more effectively manage their staffing and resources.

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